Mission Statement - Enterprise Easier. It’s that simple. The heart of what we do is making enterprise data and processes accessible to everyone. 
EASYProcess - Enterprise Easier. Now the lives of your users, customers and vendors are made easier by putting YOUR best practices into the various EASYProcess applications. As EASYProcess improves, the work lives of end users get more efficient and our customers’ bottom line, better.
The Platform for your Vision – You might think EASYProcess is a technology product but instead it removes the concerns that Business has about technology. It is a technology freedom platform. Business can decide the best way to act and the technology says YES!
EASY - EASYProcess is a powerful simplification platform. It stretches across and outside your enterprise allowing users to access any data, transaction or process in new ways. Make your customers, vendors and users happy, thrilled no less, with one of the wide range of EASYProcess modules that can be configured exactly the way they need to do their jobs without impediment. Or, have us configure something Unique to You. Easy Peazy. Should we say it again?
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EASYProcess is K-Rise Systems' flagship product. This proprietary enterprise development platform is the framework for all K-Rise Systems products.

EASYProcess allows for the building of complex web portal applications, SharePoint-friendly Web Parts, workflow/BPM, data integration, reporting, web services and much more, all integrated to work seamlessly with JD Edwards, SAP, or any data source. Now applications can be built with data from every source within your enterprise.

Our team-friendly development platform can be quickly adopted by IT and business alike with a learning curve as low as 4 weeks. Co mpanies committed to EASYProcess development can double the number of useful integration projects or full-fledged enterprise applications brought live each year.

By taking advantage of K-Rise Systems' accomplished management and development staff, projects that previously spanned 2 or 3 years can go live in 6 months, reaching ROI almost immediately.
K-Rise Systems offers pre-built enterprise applications. Since they are built with EASYProcess, this means:
  • They will be implemented exactly to your business requirements
  • The implementation will meet deadlines and budgets
  • They will be organic like no other products on the market
  • The keys to these portals will be handed to your IT and Business staff

EASYBuyer: Fortune 500-Class Procurement

VSS Portal: Supplier Self-Service Meeting the Needs of Global Companies

EASYCommerce & CSS Portal: eCommerce with Real-Time ERP Integration

Employee Self-Service: Service Director, Pay Stub, Time Entry and More

EASYPayment: Full ERP Integration with Any Payment Gateways

EASYConnect: JD Edwards / SAP Middleware of Choice

Custom Enterprise Applications Built with EASYProcess

K-Rise Systems' staff can guide your staff through all of the stages associated with the development of new applications, including:
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Project Management
  • Custom Development
  • Taking you Live
  • Training on your Solution
The resulting application will be built according to your exact business rules and requirements. Familiar web elements allow users to intuitively engage with your EASYProcess web applications. Feedback from the user community can also be included in the frequent rollouts of application updates.
Enterprise Data and SharePoint-Together!
Seamless Deployment: Easy deployment across each of your SharePoint sites.

JD Edwards Integration: Interact with SAP or JD Edwards, securely in SharePoint. Perform any function and inquire on any data after implementing EASYProcess.

SAP Integration: K-Rise Systems has received certification on its EASYProcess services integrated with the SAP BOR API using the SAP .NET connector 3.0. This ensures that all EASYProcess applications follow your SAP business logic as it has been implemented.

Enterprise Data Everywhere: It is no longer a question of, "Can I get this in SharePoint?" With EASYProcess, data from any source, SAP or otherwise, can be brought into any site or site collection within SharePoint.

Full Middleware: All data connectivity and orchestration is available to you and your organization through EASYProcess Middleware. This has the potential to eliminate the need for using SharePoint workflow or any other ERP workflow as well.

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