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PO Approval with native App


Out With The Old, In With The New

K-Rise EASYProcess Freeware App Fills That Void

The FREE details are:
  • Software Free: NO Functional or User Count Restrictions
  • Hardware Free:  AWS Cloud Tenant with Servers, DV PY & PD Environments, Backup, Load Balancing, etc.
  • Integration Free:  ECC, EASYCloud Connector to your JDE Servers & Databases
  • Support Free:
    • Basic Level:  Email Support, All Software/Hardware/Integration Issues Fixed. 
    • Premium Level:  An Available Cost Option
  • Implementation Setup Services ½ Free:  $500, We’re Splitting Services with You
    • $500 Fee Only Due With Client App Acceptance


  • No CapEx, No Problem – Our Freeware App Provides ALL JDE Companies K-Rise Project Success
  • Install & Evaluate Our Many JDE Pre-Built Apps in the K-Rise Gallery
  • Use EASYProcess Community Edition for Custom Apps
Time is important and Procurement Managers want to approve PO’s & Requisitions immediately.  PO Approve integrates real-time with JDE rules, approval limits and escalations.  
  • Procure Quickly & Accurately!   
  • Streamline the Decision Process!  
  • Eliminate Unauthorized Ordering!
  • 1-Day Plug & Play Install, No Code Changes!
  • Personalized & Company Branded

This PO / Requisition Approval App Provides Management With:

  • Real-Time Notifications:  
    • Phone Native App:  Based on React Native Framework
    • Email:  Managers can Approve Directly from Email
  • Workflow Approval:  P43008 Approval Level Revision
  • PO Attachments / Media Object: View Attachments Easily
  • Decision Functionality: Approve / Reject / Comment / Delegate
  • Localization: Multi-Lingual using Google Translate API’s
  • Approval History:  Quickly Determine Status or Delegate
  • Order Type Filtering:  OP, OR, etc. 
  • Reject Comment: Copied to JDE Rejection “Remark” Field
  • Full Web App:  Native App PLUS Browser Enabled
  • JDE Integration Choice:
    • JDE 9.2: Orchestrator or BSFN
    • JDE Non 9.2: BSFN