K-Rise Pre-Built Apps: Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse Solutions is a curation of innovative strategies, technologies, and practices that optimize the storage, movement, and management of goods within a warehouse or distribution center.

These solutions make inventory handling more efficient, accurate, and productive, elevating customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

Inventory Inquiry

The Inventory Inquiry App analyzes inventory availability, quantity, and location. It helps businesses streamline and monitor their stock levels and product movement, enabling more effective supply chain management. With real-time tracking reports, the app is a scalable and robust solution enabling efficient enterprise decision-making.  

Item Issue

The Inventory Item App maintains precise records by tracking the quantity of items taken out of stock in real-time and updating the data. The diligent process is key to a more streamlined stock management, enabling accurate trend identification and demand forecast.

Item Transfer

The Inventory Item Transfer App drives seamless item transfers between warehouse locations. By defining transfer routes, setting up approval workflows, or generating transfer reports, the app can be configured to streamline processes and improve overall operational efficiency.

PO Receipt

The PO Receipt Process App ensures the correct receipt and processing of goods or services ordered through a purchase order. With dynamic quantity validation and receipt status updates, the app enables streamlined procurement and delivery processes.

Work Order Approve

The Work Order Approve App elevates and simplifies end-to-end organizational project management. With accountabilities factored throughout, the app streamlined project lifecycle management with dynamic on-demand progress tracking. This enables efficient resource allocation, reduced delays, and risk mitigation.

Cycle Counting: Multiple approaches

The Cycle Count App periodically audits and aligns inventory levels within a warehouse or distribution center instead of a one-and-done stocktake, reducing errors and improving cost efficiency. With comprehensive analytics and custom reports, the app also enables managers to gain valuable insights into inventory trends and discrepancies, mitigating stockouts.