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    E-Commerce Sites Directly Integrated to JD Edwards

    We specialize in Manufacturing & Distributing storefronts, both for B2B and B2C. See how we can increase your profits today.

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Use your JD Edwards to its fullest potential

K-Rise Systems creates JD Edwards integrated solutions that simplify, automate, and expand upon all sides of your business.

Here is what we specialize in:

Global Marketplace E-Commerce

EASYCommerce provides robust and intuitive B2B/C ecommerce storefront functionality.

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Credit Card & E-Check Payments

EASYPay is a JDE Integrated Credit Card / E-Check solution for Sales Order, Invoice Collections, and E-Commerce.

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No-Code Development Platform

All K-Rise Solutions are based on our acclaimed EASYProcess Application Development Platform.

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Other Products

Solution Applications extending horizontally across your business.

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