Create and approve new items with seamless integration to the backend with EASYProcess New Item Approval

With EASYProcess New Item Approval, you can:

“We used to use a group of file folders on a public server and pass Excels along. Now everyone sees the same data and approves through a workflow mechanism.”

Workflows that can follow any hierarchy and approval criteria along with all the standard workflow features like email notifications, delegation, watcher, escalation, and more

Capable of linear and parallel approvals as well as multiple bracing

Create, change and propagate items based on what your model requires

Process updates to the item using an existing item as a template

Create complex forms with fields and sections that change based on user or item type

Available in on-premise, Saas/mobile deployment options

Check out the EasyProcess new item master demo

“We interact with the Item Master, BOM, Item Branch, the Routing File, Cost Tables, Purchasing, MRP; everything that it takes to set up an item is done through K-Rise Systems’ New Item Portal.”

Carolina Biological Supply New Item Project Team
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EASYProcess new item master