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Frontdoor Ended Spreadsheet Chaos and Achieved True Business Growth With EASYProcess

Frontdoor, Inc. is a leading home warranty product provider that uses the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management platform. It has over 50 years of unmatched expertise as the nation’s largest provider of home service plans. In 2021, they responded to more than four million service requests from customers who depend on them for financial protection and professional repairs when a covered item breaks down.

Their family of brands includes American Home Shield (the home warranty plan industry founder and leader), HSA, Landmark, and OneGuard. They serve more than two million customers across the U.S. through a network of approximately 17,000 pre-qualified contractors.

Frontdoor’s business was growing, and so were its integration needs. Their IT team needed a solution to end the data silos without writing a lot of code. So they turned to K-Rise System’s EASYProcess.

The Need for the Right Financial Foundation

The right financial management solutions help businesses to respond quickly to changing environments, streamline financial operations, and improve the accuracy of their financial reporting.
In order to leverage JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management platform and gain real-time visibility into their finances, Frontdoor had to find a seamless way to integrate data from their various business processes.

The main ways that JDE Data Silos occurred in Frontdoor’s eCommerce systems causing inconsistency and inaccuracy were:

This is where EASYProcess came in.

“Without any code, EASYProcess allowed us to integrate our e-commerce site with our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne System in just a few hours” said Sheryl Mackie from Frontdoor, Inc.


“EASYProcess gave us the ability to quickly and easily integrate our disparate systems, which saved us significant time and money.”

Integration With The K-Rise Systems Community Edition

Frontdoor adapted the K-Rise Systems Community Edition when they wanted to integrate their JD instance into the platform. The Community Edition is a free, fully-functional version of the K-Rise Systems development platform that anyone can use to build applications without writing a single line of code.

The platform consists of a library of modular components that can be assembled into custom workflows, and a graphical interface that allows users to drag and drop these components to create their processes. EASYProcess also includes a reporting and analytics engine, which provides users with real-time visibility into their business processes.

The Community Edition comes with full access to K-Rise Systems training and support so that Frontdoor could get up-to-speed quickly & easily and they could start building applications immediately without worrying about upfront costs.

The Bottom Line

Only a week later Frontdoor could quickly and easily automate their 32+ hours a day of manual labor by integrating their eCommerce site with EASYProcess, saving them a significant amount of time and money and giving them: