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Automate and Understand

Processes reside in every department. Visibility to the processes is key to ensuring operational goals are met. Easy to use and robust workflow technology that can be quickly adapted and customized as the business grows and changes. 


Integration Made Easy

Integration is critical.  K-Rise Systems can integrate to your existing software and databases to ensure all systems are updated in real time.  No system is an island, your workflow shouldn’t be either.





ICR/OCR Automation with Amazon Textract

Scan paper documents and extract metadata from images using K-Rise Systems OCR/ICR features. Our out-of-the-box technology paired with Amazon Textract functionality makes it easy to get the most out of document automation.

Metrics for Improvement 

Built in reporting capabilities to show how each workflow is performing, giving you control on the overall performance of your organization and insight on how to improve.

Measure individual steps in a workflow.  Measure overall workflow effectiveness.  Change and adapt quickly, start improving your operation in real time.