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Web and Mobile





Write Once, Run Anywhere

EASYProcess allows you to build web and mobile applications in a single code base. This increases productivity, reduces maintenance costs, and also reduces the need for differing skillsets to build web and mobile apps.

With EASYProcess, you can build responsive user interfaces that adapt to end-user devices. The EASYProcess WebPage designer sets to form factor by default and has 1 click testing for desktop and mobile to check your work as your building the page.

Native when you need it

EASYProcess can deploy native to smart phones if you need to utilize the device features.  Scanning bar-codes, taking photos, getting directions, sending emails, and using the phone itself are all available through the EASYProcess app.  EASYProcess shields developers from the skill required to take advantage of the device, rather EASYProcess exposes the features as API’s to be used when necessary. 


The Native app can be used as is or customized with your company information and promoted through either the public or private app stores depending on your company’s objectives.