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Online Courses

Courses and documentation to get you writing EASYProcess Web, Mobile, Workflow, and Headless apps in no time.

Training Modules

Setup (10 minutes)

Learn the basics in setting up the system, setting up users and authentication.



Hello World (28 minutes)

Build your first application.  Connect to data, design screens, create a method, send email.



CRM Application (77 minutes)

Build an incident resolution system.  Create multiple pages, pages which change based on login, learn about Widgets.  Set up users and authorizations. Promote, test, and go live.

Overview video

Templates (15 minutes)

Learn how to change the header and footer of pages to personalize to your corporate standards.



HR Application (90 Minutes)

Build a vacation request system.  This module will give you an introdction to EASYProcess workflow and form building.  Build, Test, and Promote application.

Overview video

RESTful Services (35 Minutes)

Introduction to building headless applications in EASYProcess.  Learn how to create API’s to fetch, insert, update, and delete information through RESTful Services.

Overview video

 Key Concepts

Key Concepts for Web and Mobile Applications (8 Minutes)

Workflow Key Concepts (10 Minutes)

RESTful Services Key Concepts (7 minutes)