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Online Courses

Courses and documentation to get you writing Web, Mobile, Workflow, and composable apps in no time.

Training Modules


In this section, the instructor will take you on a tour of the platform.  You’ll learn where the basics are located for future use.  You’ll also learn how role-based authorizations are set up and executed throughout the platform

Hello World

Build your first low code application.  Connect to a database, design screens, create a piece of logic.  The application is a first foray into understanding how to connect to systems, build logic, and the basics of screen design.

CRM Application

In this section, you will be guided through building an incident resolution system.  You will create multiple web forms.  These forms are dynamic.  You will learn how to create dynamic forms based on role-based authorization.  You will learn how to set up new users on the platform.  This application will walk you through and entire SDLC.  You will learn how one-click promotions work in the platform as well.  When complete, you will have a live application in production.

HR Application 

in this section, you will build a vacation request system  This module introduces forms with workflow behind each form.  Build, test, and promote this application

RESTful Services

Introduction to building composable applications in the K-Rise Platform.  Learn how to create API’s to fetch, insert, update, and delete data through RESTful Services.