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Professional Developers

You Are So Valuable to the Business

Instead of spending your time writing code, use it to solve and innovate at the speed of thought.

Low Code Platform, Built in DevOps, Integrate to Anything

Innovate Without Code

Developing applications today isn’t easy. Too many languages to learn, too much code to write, too many devices to deploy to. That doesn’t even broach the topics like new workflow management applications or headless applications required in your organization.

The K-Rise modern development platform takes the pain out of building the UX, connecting to the database, and writing complex code to handle the logic and algorithms required to create today’s business applications.

Rapid Integration, Total Control of the UX and Logic

With K-Rise you can develop applications for web, mobile, desktop using a single screen design.  Create workflow applications to help your company get a better handle on how the business is operating. Like all modern platforms, creates headless applications for data and application integration as well.

The Platform is all browser-based, any computer can be used to create beautiful applications. All you need is Chrome to get started. The drag and drop screen painter allows you to format pages with ease. Accessing data and building queries are all automated within the IDE. Building logic uses a drag and drop canvas to create endless possibilities.