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Product Features and Specs

K-Rise Systems Features


Install in our cloud or in cloud of your choice

The Platform securely connects to your COTS and custom systems in network or in cloud via EASY Cloud Connector from K-Rise

Setup and manage users and authorizations in the platform via  browser application.  

LDAP (federated and On Prem) and Okta support out of the box


Fully web based IDE.  No need for any client install

Complete control over IDE menu options on set up 

Division of duties can be separated to function within your company’s DEVOPS strategy

Development/ Testing/ Promotion/ and rollback menu options can be hidden or exposed as needed

Full ‘Check in’ and ‘Check out’ functions exist for every object written in the system for team development of applications and projects

Development division of duties can be allocated to maximize developer productivity throughout the development life cycle

Web Page Design:

Table driven designer gives full control over page layout for both web and mobile applications.  Tables, lists, grids, and tab sheets can be placed anywhere in the design and in any number of permutations.

Adaptive layout auto resizes to any form factor for a ‘write once deploy anywhere’ experience

Native app support available if your project needs to connect with device drivers like the camera, phone, email, and device notifications

Full multi lingual support available


Over 20 different action elements to insert onto pages. Buttons, hyperlinks, radio buttons, text boxes, bread crumbs, etc

Ability to insert your own HTML elements and JavaScript Libraries as needed

All elements written with Google Material Design techniques out of the box

Full Control of all HTML and CSS 

Database connectivity:

K-Rise Systems connects directly to any relational database via the drag and drop EASYProcess data access canvas.  SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySql, Access, and others all natively supported

Create new tables via the Platform as well


K-Rise Systems can also connect via RESTful or SOAP services to any database endpoint or connect via schema alone via the drag and drop data access canvas


Logic and validations easily created via the drag and drop logic canvas

Over 400 services for logic supported in the EASYProcess logic canvas for everything from the most mundane database constraint to the most complex algorithm you can imagine.

Existing logic or code can be called through the logic canvas services

Logic can be stored in three different areas of each application

1: attached to the database

2: in an individual application

3: via a Method. Methods are pieces of logic which can be shared across applications to give architectural flexibility and ease the maintenance of EASYProcess constructed applications.

All logic written or called is constructed WITHOUT WRITING A SINGLE LINE OF CODE


Drag and drop workflow canvas creates workflows from the simplest to the most complex

Notifications via email, text, and native app available

Intelligent email features throughout for faster routing of flows

Linear and parallel workflow processing out of the box

Workflow can be entirely headless, entirely human driven or any combination


Latency and escalation parameters for the entire workflow set on a per workflow or per step basis

Latency and escalation parameters can be set for individual steps in each workflow

Browser based workflow reporting by stage and latency available out of the box for full view of individual workflows and a global look at all workflows in the system

Web Services:

RESTful services creation via drag and drop canvas

Full GET/ POST/ PUT/ DELETE functions available without writing code.

Create any web services component without writing code

Test any services using the testing tool of your choice



SOAP web-services support exists as well

EDI and XML data transfers can be created for pure machine to machine communication

All web services can be validated and have logic running underneath to ensure fidelity of data being transferred


Three environments provided at install (DEV, TEST, PROD)

Full check in check out functionality for team development and separation of duties

One click promotion and deployment of projects



Full rollback capabilities

Full source management and versioning available

Automated testing script creation (coming soon)

Real time usage reports delivered via browser for better post production feedback

JDEdwards Specific Integration

Integrate to JDE via:

  • Master Business Functions
  • BSSV
  • Direct Database Access
  • Orchestrator

  • Insert data directly to the JDE database
  • Leverage the data repository for field descriptions
  • Utilize the JDE ‘Z’ tables for further extensions