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Partnering with K-Rise Systems

K-Rise Systems has developed many partner relationships over the years both with JD Edwards resellers and with others in the Oracle ecosystem.

It is our belief that a partnership is a two way street with both parties bringing value to the table. Because of the unique nature of our platform EASYProcess it makes a relationship with K-Rise Systems different than with most product companies. What value can you find in partnering with K-Rise Systems?

Referral and Sales Commission

K-Rise Systems offers several levels of partnering:

  • Referral partner: A qualified lead is shared with the K-Rise sales staff
  • Sales Channel partner: Partner engages prospect and is involved in the sales campaign.
  • Certified EASYProcess Services Partner: Partner licenses EASYProcess and products and then performs implementation work using the platform as well.

JD Edwards Services Opportunities

All of K-Rise Systems products integrate real-time to JD Edwards (and EBS, SAP and more). When creating external applications for our customers there can often be work that needs to be done to prepare JD Edwards for the new integration. For example, a first implementation of EASYCommerce often means the JD Edwards advanced pricing needs to be prepared for web commerce. In these cases K-Rise Systems values a partner with the expertise to do this kind of work and who has intimate knowledge of the customer and its systems, JD Edwards chief of these.

Making you shine with your customers

When you have a customer or prospect seeking a product or solution that Oracle may not provide, or not provide as well as liked, we offer strong, best practice solutions across the business landscape.

Not only are our solutions top notch but we take your customers live, every time bringing them tremendous ROI. Our products keep your customers enthusiastically engaged with JD Edwards. This kind of engagement is what Oracle seeks in all its client base ensuring ongoing relationships. Your customers will appreciate your referring them to an EASYProcess solution, that’s our commitment to you.

Joint Marketing Endeavors

Because K-Rise Systems in no way conflicts with your offering to your clients it is possible for us to cross market our products and services, perhaps in a lunch and learn session, through mutually conducted webinars or an event at a user group meeting.

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