Documents are everywhere in your business.  No matter how many paperless initiatives you start, you’ll still see more and more paper documents.  Those papers contain valuable data which should be stored in a database for archiving and reporting.  Too often the paper is thrown away.  Some documents have the luxury of being scanned by an Optical Character Reader (OCR).  The OCR can read the document, extract the data in a usable format and send it to its final resting place.  Many OCR vendors have nice workflow capabilities as well.  OCR data can be approved before entry into a system. 

Many OCR vendors specialize in two different segments: sales orders and invoices.  They have great software they’ve invested a lot of time in and if you’re looking for something specific, they offer great solutions.  But what about every other document you receive?  Every document has valuable information, why can’t we take advantage of OCR capabilities for all of this?  

We asked ourselves the same question when a few customers approached us about OCR for all their document types.  And we found our answer in the cloud.  

EASYProcess is hosted in the Amazon Cloud.  Amazon has incredible OCR capabilities combined with AI to automate data retrieval.  With Amazon Cloud and their APIs, scanning any document and harvesting the data you want has never been easier.  Need to rout the data for approval? EASYProcess already has a robust agnostic workflow engine.  Now we can combine the power of cloud computing with the ease of low code to take document processing to the next level.  Scanning and routing any document is now a drag-and-drop exercise that takes minutes to set up, not hours or days or for some people, never.  

Intelligent automation from EASYProcess.  It’s another way to make your world more insightful than before without writing code.