K-Rise Systems announced today that application support is now available for pre-built and custom technology solutions built with the EASYProcess 4.6 development platform.

The combination of EASYProcess and our application support will allow EASYProcess applications to grow with our clients as their business needs change.

K-Rise Systems, a product leader to the JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, SAP, and Microsoft ERP communities, announced today that it is offering comprehensive application support designed for its dynamic, flexible software solutions built with EASYProcess version 4.6, its proprietary enterprise development platform.

K-Rise Systems’ approach to application support incorporates both its project management software, EASYTracking, as well as the collaborative efforts of both internal and external team members involved in the development of an application. This approach allows K-Rise Systems to offer its clients end-to-end support that is unique to each business need.

Among the elements featured in EASYProcess Application Support include: 

  •     Application Documentation – Application documentation encompasses the connectivity, workflow, and presentation layer as well as security details. A full history of each element is part of the service as well.

Application documentation also includes high-level business descriptions which detail each aspect of an application from a functional point of view.

  •     Test Script Archive – K-Rise Systems’ application support team will work with its clients to create full test scripts. Both current and past test scripts are also maintained within the application support system.
  •     Specification History – The specification history of any EASYProcess application includes past requirements documents, full details of scope changes, and any associated versions of these documents.
  •     End-to-End Application Testing – Comprehensive, end-to-end application testing allows K-Rise Systems’ development team to diagnose and resolve issues quickly, preventing disruptions to user experience. Testing can also be performed within ancillary systems used to validate data that is brought into an EASYProcess application, allowing for a more intensive evaluation of the solution to be conducted.

Test data values are submitted by the client or K-Rise Systems can be given authority to create the test data as well.

  •     Knowledge Transfer – Internal, periodic meetings are conducted among K-Rise Systems’ development team members to guarantee the continual and comprehensive support of any EASYProcess application. Briefings for clients are also available periodically or for new team members.

Kent Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing at K-Rise Systems, commented on the methodology behind EASYProcess Application Support:

“As the size of our customers’ EASYProcess application portfolios have increased, it became clear that there was a place for K-Rise Systems to provide application support that might normally be provided through additional client IT and business hires. We are now rolling out application support not just as a collection of individuals who know a client’s application but as a complete system of documentation, testing, knowledge transfer, and change management. The combination of EASYProcess and our application support will allow EASYProcess applications to grow with our clients as their business needs change.”

The goal of EASYProcess Application Support is to ensure that the benefits and value received from an EASYProcess solution are sustained and realized. EASYProcess Application Support reduces the cost of ownership associated with an application and all aspects of this support are available within EASYTracking, K-Rise Systems’ project management software.

Further, K-Rise Systems’ development team is readily available for ongoing projects and application enhancements. This greatly reduces discovery costs associated with new or ongoing development.

About K-Rise Systems 
K-Rise Systems, Inc. is a software solutions provider based in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. The company has a diverse client portfolio, including organizations in such industries as airline, media entertainment, oil, and consumer products, as well as provides IT solutions to government municipalities and healthcare providers. EASYProcess has evolved from a simple connector piece into a platform for enterprise development, complete with an advanced workflow engine for data processing and transactions. K-Rise Systems provides training, mentoring, and support for use with EASYProcess. K-Rise Systems also offers numerous pre-built applications and portals, all of which are built with EASYProcess. All of K-Rise Systems’ modules can be implemented through any version of Microsoft SharePoint.

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