Utilizing its development platform EASYProcess, K-Rise Systems has enabled Solr integration within its eCommerce product EASYCommerce(TM) providing faceted search, aka guided navigation functionality. K-Rise integrated Solr to JD Edwards Item category codes, which means companies no longer have to create manual e-commerce catalogs.

K-Rise Systems announced today that EASYCommerce, its enterprise class eCommerce product, is now fully Solr ready. Solr is the popular, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene™. Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world’s largest internet sites and is now available to the JD Edwards community through EASYCommerce. EASYCommerce, while available for standard on-premises installation, is also now available for those interested in a SaaS model. SaaS available Solr-faceted search will be an exclusive to the JD Edwards community through this latest release of EASYCommerce.

Faceted search, aka filtered navigation, offers filtering choices and sequences completely at the user’s discretion. Filter attributes can be general, like: price, sale, new, clearance or specific to the product, like: material, dimensions, color, brand etc. More and more B2B customers are demanding this type of familiar search and K-Rise customers can now attract customers through easy-to-use interfaces that create confidence in finding products intuitively, with fewer clicks. The new EASYCommerce integration allows Solr to utilize the JD Edwards specific category codes allowing for a single source of truth in managing on-line store catalogs.

“Generally, eCommerce technology in the B2B world is 3-7 years behind what is available in the consumer world. This is not true for K-Rise Systems customers with a perfect example in the new Solr integration, giving B2B users the ability to explore a product line the way they do in their non-work lives. K-Rise Systems is proud to offer the advantage of cutting edge technologies, culminating in faceted search now available for JD Edwards customers,” said Doug Palaske, Director of Sales at K-Rise Systems

Most eCommerce products utilize a resident search engine hosted within the application itself. This limits the speed and capabilities resulting in a less than stellar customer experience. The Solr engine resides on a dedicated search server providing robust, scalable, fast results. EASYProcess is the middleware facilitating this 3-tiered approach with seamless integration between EASYCommerce, JD Edwards and the Solr search.

EASYProcess is K-Rise Systems’ team-friendly development platform used to produce a variety of dynamic business applications, including supplier and buyer portals, employee self-service, eCommerce sites and custom solutions for any need. Companies committed to EASYProcess development can expect to significantly increase the number of useful integration projects or full-fledged enterprise applications brought live each year. Applications built using EASYProcess offer integration to JD Edwards, World and Enterprise One, E-Business Suite or any ERP and are tailored to each company’s unique business models and policies.

About K-Rise Systems
K-Rise Systems, Inc. is a software solutions provider based in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. The company has a diverse client portfolio, including organizations in airline, media entertainment, oil, and consumer products industries. EASYProcess has evolved from a simple connector tool into a platform for enterprise development, replete with the resources necessary to implement, manage, and run applications for today’s ever changing business needs. K-Rise Systems provides training, mentoring, and support for use with EASYProcess. K-Rise Systems also offers numerous pre-built applications and portals, all of which are built with EASYProcess.

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