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IT Managers

The balancing act

Your day is a balancing act. Managing resources, application changes, new requests. Allocating work, prioritizing tasks, all while ensuring everything stays up and operational. Interact with the business while trying to deliver what’s been asked of you on time and in the budget. Developers with different skills can hinder your development throughput and create bottlenecks as priorities change in the business. 

Give your department elasticity

Development projects size and scale as needs arise. Scaling development up and down as requirements and business objectives change is critical to a lean IT department. Leverage analysts and power users to accelerate when time to market is critical.

Built in DevOps provide transparency

Create, assign, and prioritize in real-time. Dashboards provide an instant health check of all projects. Secure promotions and rollbacks, VCS and SCM all included. Increase your team’s productivity while lowering overall risk.

Production apps that provide insight

Production applications provide valuable insight for those who harness it. Learn who is using what, when and where without asking. Dashboards to show you where carts are abandoned, when people leave applications, and how long users stay on a page are key indicators to the health of production systems. K-Rise Systems has this and more. Learn how everyone is using what you built to make the next faster and better than ever.