Infocus Deep Dive 2021 made for a very busy last week. The event was a success for Quest with over 1,000 participants and hundreds of sessions. K-Rise was a part of 6 different sessions, all well attended. I thought I’d spend 30 seconds relaying what I learned at the event.

  1. JDE is changing the numbering of releases so they are easier to understand. The latest release is JDE release 22. The folks at Oracle said they will continue the new numbering convention in the future.
  2. Orchestrator is still king of conversations, which to be honest we’re happy to hear. JDE Orchestrator can save loads of work and enable innovation. We love Orchestrator!!
  3. Low Code is moving up in interest. Oracle hosted several sessions on Low Code tools. We are ecstatic to see more people talking about low code. The K-Rise Platform is low code for JD Edwards, so we hope Oracle continues to promote low code adoption.
  4. Mobile is also on the rise. K-Rise Supports mobile development and even has support for bar code scanning.

If you’ve never seen K-Rise Systems build a mobile app, you should!!!!

We’re actually quite good at it and it’s very easy to do. Reach out and schedule a time, we are happy to accommodate.

The K-Rise Systems Forum If you haven’t yet registered for the K-Rise Systems forum, you can here. The forum hosts product announcements. The forum lets you suggest enhancements. The forum lets you talk to other members of the community and K-Rise experts.