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Identity Management

End to end security is critically important these days. The risk of application and data breaches is ever-present and should be considered when developing custom applications or embarking on any digital initiative.  EASYProcess from K-Rise Systems has security built-in for every aspect of the platform architecture.  From dividing roles and responsibilities through the DevOps cycle through managing users, EASYProcess has you covered.

EASYProcess supports all the major Identity management solutions and has its own you can leverage if you’re not an LDAP, Okta, or Oracle IAM user today.  2FA? Not a problem. EASYProcess security has roles, authorizations, and can secure applications down to the page level for every project you have.  EASYProcess user security leverages years of experience and best practices. Be confident deploying applications at speed knowing they are secure from end to end.  Relax! EASYProcess has your back.