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Enterprise Application Development Platform

The K-Rise EASYProcess Low-Code Platform creates custom web, mobile, and workflow applications 8-10 times faster than a traditional development approach.

Our Low-Code platform disrupts the way enterprise software applications are created.  Deliver mission-critical, customized software apps in days, drastically reducing costs and time with improved ROI. 

DevOps built-in.  Project management, task tracking, secure promotions, full version control, rollbacks, and production monitoring all available without having to purchase 3rd party products.

Full support of all the modern Identity Management solutions on the market.

EASYProcess Architecture

Architecture Overview Video and More

EASYProcess Network Diagram


JDE Integration Out-of-the-Box…  

  • Orchestrator
  • Master Business Function Integration
  • JDE Interoperability Tables
  •  Data Dictionary Integration
  • Personalization
  • EASY Process is OVI Certified