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Today’s IT organizations need to implement DevOps best practices to bring together development, testing, operations and line of business stakeholders to foster continuous integration, application monitoring and delivery of their app portfolios. 

The EASYProcess platform acts as our app delivery hub by enabling continuous delivery with built-in DevOps capabilities. You can version, provision, and stage your apps and deploy to the cloud of your choice or on-premises. And you will reduce downtime with built-in monitoring. 



1-Click Deployment

The one-click deployment mechanism in EASYProcess makes it easy to deploy apps to one or multiple app environments.
From a deployment perspective, an app is defined as a versioned deployment package that contains all the artifacts needed to run the application.



Version Management 

The platform includes a version control system with branching and merging, allowing you to isolate development into a main line and multiple branch lines. 

For example, a development team can work in the main line to develop new functionality, while another team simultaneously fixes bugs in the currently deployed app version via a branch line. 

The merge capability supports multiple revisions when porting changes between lines.