Wed. August 19| 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM | Director’s Row I

Carolina Biological Supply Company is a leading global supplier of science teaching materials. That old adage, “change is constant” is true with new item approval, causing challenges maintaining JDE item master integrity. A high degree of flux existed in the old spreadsheet-based process for new item approval. Seeking operational efficiencies for item approval automation we selected the K-Rise Systems / EASYProcess JDE application development platform. This is a case-study review of the New Item Approval automation project. If your companies new item approval process is complex this is a must-see presentation. Aspects of this project include: 1, Excel Intelligence matching Categories with Forms and fields 2, Field level Validation and Rule Enforcement 3, Variable Approval Email Workflows Based on Item Types 4, Process Replication Based on Existing JDE Items or Other Items in Approval Queue 5, Perfect JDE Integration (Branch Plant, BOM, Forecast, G.L. Class, etc.) of Approved Items

Level: Applicable to All
Track: Manufacturing and Distribution, Technology
Audience: Technical/Functional
Type: Case Study
Handout(s): Session 103310.pdf


Lyle, David, Carolina Biological Supply Company

Palaske, Doug,K-Rise Systems, Inc.

Original post: How Carolina Biological Automated the JDE New Item Approval Process