With the latest release of EASYProcess 5.1, we’ve made developing web, mobile, workflow, and headless applications against JDEdwards easier than ever.  The EASYProcess browser-based IDE is all you need to get started building applications against your core systems or building new applications to replace aging systems that no longer do what is needed.  EASYProcess also has all the DevOps built in to take the risks out of developing applications.  The inbuilt DevOps provide total transparency for authoring custom systems.  All data regarding the state of projects, their position in the development funnel, who is making changes, and when they complete tasks are visible through a dashboard to give management a 360-degree view of the SDLC.  Our capability to integrate to JDEdwards via business functions and Orchestrator gives developers a starting point regardless of the version of JDE you are running.


If you thought that was all the good news, I have more.  We’ve changed the pricing to make acquiring EASYProcess even more attractive than ever.  We have added two new components to our pricing structure.  Single app pricing and community edition.  Single app pricing is for companies who have one app idea to start and don’t want to pay for unlimited applications.  This will give you all the components of EASYProcess at 20% of the unlimited price.  Have a new idea?  Buy another single app.  ONce you get past 5 apps you’re at unlimited pricing and every app you build after that is already paid for.


Which brings me to community edition.  This allows you to have EASYProcess for free for any application up to ten users.  There is no limitation on the app you can build, and we’ll connect EASYProcess to your instance of JDE for free.  Connect to your data, build an app to show stakeholders at no charge.  All e-learning is free as well.


We want to get people innovation, mobilizing, modernizing, and replacing as soon as possible for as low an entry-level as we can provide and we are convinced that EASYProcess 5.1 with all of its features and the lost cost to enter provides all the tools a JDE shop needs to get started.  Go to www.krisesystems.com/new-pricing to find out more.  We are so excited to see what you’ll build first.